Auto Body Parts Assembly

  • Material Handling​
  • Spot Welding ​
  • Mig /Mag welding ​
  • Sealant Application ​
  • Pedestal Spot welding ​
  • Stud welding

Factocad Capabilities

  • Production Volume − Takt Time Calculations ​
  • Part Study − Part Build ups ​
  • Weld Points Study ​
  • Weld Process Definition​
  • Weld Gun Selections ​
  • System Layouts − Conceptual Plant Layout ​
  • Clamping Plans ​
  • Methods Time Measurement (MTM) analysis​
  • Line balancing ​
  • Ergo Study ​
  • Material flow simulation using EM-Plant​
  • Documentation of the Process​
  • Production Tooling​
  • .Gripper Design​
  • Material Handling End​
  • Low Cost Automation​
  • Geo- Fixtures​
  • Re-Spot Fixtures​
  • Material Handling Grippers​
  • Process & Geo Grippers​
  • Proto type Fixtures​
  • Checking Fixtures​
  • MIG/MAG Welding Fixtures​
  • Put-Down Stand​
  • Buffer Stand​
  • Passing Tables​
  • Conveyor Tooling​
  • Gun / Gripper Docking Stand​
  • Pre-engineering Work cell​
  • Parts Placement and Part Orientation ​
  • Reachability of Robots check according to Layout ​
  • Gripper Validation Fine-tuning of the Placement ​
  • Weld Point Segregation​
  • Selected Weld Gun Study​
  • Weld gun search & collision analysis​
  • Fixture Validation , Tooling & Gun Kinematics​
  • Kinematics for tools, and weld gun​
  • Weld gun & tool validation​
  • Robot Payload Checks  ​
  • Path Creation & Optimization​
  • Assigning attributes​
  • I/O- signaling, Sequence of Operation​
  • Layout finalization​
  • Cycle Time & Off-Line Program
  • Detailed Manufacturing Drawings ​
  • Bill of materials​
  • Tooling Layout​
  • Flame cut drawings​
  • Pay load and Buyoff sheets​
  • Control sheet creation
  • Layout Engineering (2D &3D), ​
  • Produce animations and Renderings ​
  • Visualize and analyze designs ​
  • Factory walk through and ​
  • Over plant design @3D, ​
  • Conversions CAD files in to compatible format
  • Pneumatic clamping valve sequence Design​
  • Ergonomic Studies​
  • OLP documents ​
  • Robot load capacity​
  • Flow Chart​
  • Spot Distribution​
  • Cycle time studies​
  • Health & Safety Risks Assessments​
  • Function Diagrams​
  • Manuals​

Onsite Robot Programming ​

Our expert engineers handled world class robot manufactures like ABB,Kuka, Fanuc, Kawasaki, yasakawa,Hyundai,universal robot etc… Our Online Robot Programming services includes following activities

Our Engineers have expertise on below Robotic Applications

  • Spot Welding​
  • Arc Welding​
  • Material Handling​
  • Pick and Packing​
  • Gluing and Polishing​
  • Quality Inspection

Robot Engineering Services

  • Onsite and Offline Robot Programming​
  • Robot Simulation​
  • Robot System Installation and Commissioning​
  • Robot Replacement​
  • Line Shifting​
  • Line Cycle Time Reduction​
  • Training

Sheet Metal Stamping

Factocad gives you the ability to address sheet metal formability challenges from the design of parts and tooling to part production with a single tool. Validate the forming of individual panels and even help validate the assembly of closure panels (SKIN PANEL), such as doors. Develop and validate key manufacturing and joining processes, virtually, to assure production capability of parts, sub-assemblies, and assemblies for all sheet metal parts, simple to complex, conventional steel to advanced lightweight sheet metals​

Factocad offers to design die stamping is a metal forming process widely used to produce parts for various industries, such as automotive, electronics and appliances

Sheet metal simulation is a versatile tool that can benefit a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and medical.​

By saving customers time and money, sheet metal simulation makes it easier to develop and test new products. This technology makes it possible for engineers to detect design errors before production, as well as facilitate the design process, enabling engineers to test how different materials will function and react to one another when the product is machined​

​FACTOCAD offers Sheet metal forming engineering services in almost every sector of industrial production

  • Automotive industry (e.g. doors, hoods, fenders)​
  • Aircraft industry (e.g. wings, fuselage)​
  • Home appliance industry (e.g. sinks, cooker hoods, freezers)​
  • Food industry (e.g. cooking pots, canned goods)​

Roll hemming is carried out incrementally with a hemming roller. An industrial robot guides the hemming roller and forms the flange. Roll hemming operation can also be divided into several pre-hemming and final hemming process steps. Roll hemming is very flexible to use and tool costs are significantly lower as compared to those of conventional die hemming. However, the cycle times are much higher since the hemming is realized using a hemming roller which follows a defined path

Our engineers are expertise in high end industrial software’s and available to support customer project needs both at Onsite and offshore. We are well versed with Various OEM standards using different software’s. We constantly upgrading team skill-sets and creating resources of well-trained engineers. We listen to the challenges of our customers and put the right engineers in the right places.

Our engineers are well versed with following software: 

  • Robcad
  • Delmia V5
  • Process Simulate
  • Process Designer
  • Roboguide
  • Robotstudio
  • CATIA V5
  • UGNX
  • Microstation
  • Plant simulation
  • Stamping simulation